Robert B. Hood Memorial Scholarship

“A smile is more than a smile. Make a smile a part of your daily life, as often as possible. The overall feeling of happiness it will create will enhance your health, longevity, and especially the enjoyment of your life.”

These sweet words of wisdom are from Robert B. Hood, a former Grays Harbor resident that continues to inspire others through his words and actions even after death. We are so grateful to honor the life of this wonderful man thanks to Jon and Kathy Parker through the Robert B. Hood Memorial Scholarship at the Foundation. Kathy, the daughter of Robert, remembers her dad as a man that started every day off on a positive note. She recalls, “Every morning he would start the day with a smile and a sense of gratitude for the day ahead. He was very loving and also instilled a work ethic in all six children at a young age. He agreed to pay for all of his children’s schooling, as long as they agreed to pay for their final year of college. He knew education was important and I believe helping students accomplish their educational dreams through this scholarship would bring him great joy.”

Robert B. Hood passed away in 2015 at the age of 92 years old. Bob was born to Bruce and Myrtle Hood and raised in Aberdeen. His devoted aunt, Kitty Hansen was also a loving and supportive influence in his life. Bob was a graduate of Aberdeen High School and then Washington State University. He was also a World War II Veteran.

Bob went on to work as an Advertising-Marketing manager for American Sign and Indicator in Spokane and after retirement moved to Olympia.

Kathy recalls the many wonderful friends her dad often spoke of from Aberdeen High School that had a huge influence on his life. He also had great memories with his brother Bud, who served as a teacher at McDermoth Elementary for several years. Bob is remembered by all for his undying love for his wife, his devotion to his family and for defining what makes a good man.

Family was number one to Bob and it is clear when hearing Kathy share memories of her dad that he made a big impact on the lives of all that knew him. Something as simple as the gift of a smile as a way to attract people to you and show kindness is a lasting lesson from Bob that we can all apply to our daily lives.