Scholarships FAQ

Where can I use the Scholarships?

Scholarships awarded by the Grays Harbor Community Foundation can be utilized at any Community College, University, Technical/Trade School, Vocational or other Certification Program. So long as the end result of your program results in a certificate, degree or diploma recognized by other educational institutions and/or an employer the scholarship award can be used. These institutions can be located anywhere in the United States and our scholarships have even been used to help students study abroad using credit exchange programs at their University.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a Scholarship?

To be eligible for a Grays Harbor Community Foundation Scholarship students must be a resident of Grays Harbor County or have graduated from a Grays Harbor County High School. Students must also be planning to attend a post-secondary education institution the following academic year. Returning students and Nontraditional students are welcome to apply, so long as they graduated from a Grays Harbor County High School or currently reside in the county.

How do I apply for more than one scholarship?

Students only need to fill out one application. The Foundation staff will match you to the appropriate scholarship that you are eligible for. The Scholarship Committee along with the staff work to match students with the scholarships for which they best match the criteria.

How do I renew my Scholarship?

Once you have received a Grays Harbor Community Foundation Scholarship you are eligible to renew for up to three additional years. To renew you must complete the Renewal Request Form on our online Scholarship Portal and submit the document before 5 p.m. on March 1st. Along with the letter we require you submit an unofficial current transcript.

I was awarded a Scholarship, when do I receive those funds?

Scholarship notification letters go out to applicants in early May by mail. If you applied for a Scholarship you should hear no later than May 15th about the status of your application. If you are the recipient of a Grays Harbor Community Foundation Scholarship you will receive access to the document titled “Student Agreement Form” along with your notification letter. In that document you will be asked to provide information on the college or university you will be attending in the fall. Checks are mailed out directly to your college or university usually in early August and can take varying amounts of time before they are applied to your student account.

Can I defer a new or renewal if I have to take a break during my schooling?

Yes. You can choose to defer a scholarship award for one academic year if you choose. You would just need to inform the Community Foundation in writing, either through your Student Agreement Form or a separate letter. You must inform us of your plans to defer before March 1st to be considered a voluntary deferral. If you defer a scholarship you must write a letter the following year, when you would like to begin receiving Scholarship funding prior to March 1st. You are allowed to skip or defer one year of funding due to lack of meeting the criteria or by choice, but if you have not received a scholarship award or renewal in more than one academic year you must fill out a new application and start the process from the beginning.

What if I change my mind about the college or university I am going to?

If you change your mind about which college or university you will be attending before you fill out your student agreement form you should not have any issue. The information on how to access your Student Agreement Form will be sent out with the notification letter if you are the recipient of a Scholarship (new or renewal) from the Grays Harbor Community Foundation. Once you receive your Student Agreement Form you must indicate which college or university you are planning to attend so your scholarship funds can be sent to the right place. If you have already filled out your Student Agreement Form or you change your mind between quarters or semesters, contact the Grays Harbor Community Foundation office so that we can transfer the funds to the correct college or university. Please note, if you change your mind and the Community Foundation must transfer the funds this may cause significant delays in getting the funds applied to your student account.