3rd Quarter Impact Grants Due September 1st at 5PM!

Educational Scholarships

Grays Harbor Community Foundation awards educational scholarships to our community's outstanding undergraduate and vocational students from Grays Harbor County. In 2017, the Grays Harbor Community Foundation....more

Establish A Fund

Setting up a new fund at the Grays Harbor Community Foundation typically takes about an hour. For most funds, we modify a simple agreement corresponding to one of six basic fund types, tailoring it to fit the donor’s objectives...more

Community Building Grants

Our grants consist of a Community Building Grants Program and Grants that are Donor Designated or Donor Advised. The Board of Directors of GHCF is responsible for determining where to use those....more

Welcome to Grays Harbor's Community Foundation

Prior to 1994, no community foundation existed in Grays Harbor County. If a donor wanted to leave his estate for the general benefit of local communities, he would have had to establish a separate private foundation or contribute to an organization with a narrower focus.  The Grays Harbor Community Foundation fulfills a need, then, for the average person who wishes to leave a gift of lasting benefit to our local community.

No other public charity in Grays Harbor County serves all areas of need and is also designed specifically to manage permanent endowments.

Benefiting our Community

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation enables any person interested in improving any part of Grays Harbor County to make a gift for almost any charitable purpose which benefits local residents. The donor may give to an existing fund or establish a named fund, either permanent or temporary, specific or general in purpose and goals.

Year after year, the income from a donor's fund might be used to make grants to local charities who request assistance, to fund scholarships for local students, or to make regular contributions to one or more specific local charities. It's up to each donor to determine his or her fund's purpose and goals.

Making Gifting Easy and Affordable

The professional staff  handles the administrative details of all such funds, making it easy and affordable for more people to get involved in long-term philanthropy.  To learn about some of the local people who have already used the Grays Harbor Community Foundation to give back to their communities, read some of our stories.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life in all communities throughout Grays Harbor County, Washington.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading source directing charitable support to meet our current and future community needs.