Meet our Board

Grays Harbor Community Foundation Board of Directors, MacLeod Pappidas

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is a 100% local institution. The volunteers who serve on our board of directors, having lived and worked in Grays Harbor County for decades, and know and care deeply about our local communities.

Our board is comprised of 20 elected directors. All directors serve entirely as volunteers. Four officers lead the board and serve two year terms as officers.


  • Dr. Dave Westby, Chair, Veterinarian, Raintree Veterinary (Hoquiam)
  • Bill Stewart, Vice-Chair, Attorney, Stewart & Stewart (Montesano)
  • Wes Peterson, Secretary,  Retired Executive Director, Grays Harbor College Foundation (Aberdeen)
  • Mike Stoney, Treasurer, Accountant, Easter & Stoney (Elma)


  • Dr. Donald J. Arima, Dentist (McCleary)
  • David Burnett CEO, Chehalis Tribal Enterprises (Oakville)
  • George Donovan, OwnerBarrier West and Real Estate Developer (Aberdeen)
  • Jane Goldberg, Public Relations, Grays Harbor College (Aberdeen)
  • Lynn Kessler, Retired Washington State Representative (Hoquiam)
  • Michelle Morrison, Business Manager, Lake Quinault School (Quinault)
  • Stan Pinnick, Superintendent, North Beach School District (North Beach) 
  • Tom Quigg, Broker, Windermere Realty (Aberdeen)
  • Jon Parker, Chair, Attorney, Parker, Winkelman, Parker (Hoquiam)
  • Randy Rust, Retired Owner, Westport Shipyards (Westport/Grayland) 
  • Kathryn Skolrood, Finance Director, Grays Harbor PUD (Hoquiam)
  • Rich Vroman, Attorney, Ingram, Zelasko, Goodwin (Aberdeen) 
  • John Warring, Lab Technician, Grays Harbor Community Hospital (Cosmopolis)
  • Maryann Welch, Retired Director, Grays Harbor County Health (North River)


  • Bob Aiken, Founder, Aiken & Sanders (Hoquiam) (deceased)
  • Isabelle Lamb, semi-retired Business Executive, Lamb Grays Harbor (Hoquiam) (deceased)
  • Frank Larner retired CPA, Preszler Larner Mertz & Co.(Olympia) (deceased)
  • Todd Lindley, Financial Planner, Lindley Financial Services (Montesano)
  • Bob Preble, CLU, (Aberdeen) (deceased)
  • Richard A. Warren retired VP, Lever Bros. Corp. (Hoquiam) (deceased)


Jim Boora,Tom Brennan, Ron Caufman, Delann Haglund, JoAnn Hliboki, John Hughes, Ernie Ingram, Marty Kay, Duane Langeliers, John Mertz, Omar Parker, Barbara Bennett Parsons, John Schumacher, Dee Ann Shaw, Eileen Sterling, James Stewart, Dorothy Voege, David Walseth, Mary Clayton-Waltham, Dr. Scott Weatherwax, and Bob Wiggins.


Five standing committees and all ad-hoc committees report to the full board:

Ad-hoc Committees are established to deal with short term projects, questions, or issues as needed and directed by the Board Chair.

As a way to further involve the community in our foundation’s business, we have designed each committee to provide for inclusion of community members that are not necessarily board members.