About Scholarships

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation awards scholarships to local students for education after high school. The emphasis is on undergraduate studies at any two or four year college or university and vocational/technical programs leading to a license or certification.

There is only one application. When selected, the recipient is matched to the criteria of an individual scholarship by the scholarship review committee. Applications are due on March 1st before 5:00 PM each year.

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

Every applicant …

  • Must be a resident of Grays Harbor County. OR
  • Must have graduated from a Grays Harbor County high school
  • Must submit a complete application following the guidelines listed in the application
  • Must request renewal online each year to continue receiving a scholarship (3 additional years)
  • Renewals may be deferred for one year only, after which a complete application must be submitted

Beyond meeting these basic requirements, each applicant should exhibit outstanding character, a proven work ethic, and the promise of useful citizenship.  These more qualitative judgments will be based on the applicant’s personal essay, resume, transcripts and other information provided through the application form.

Renewable for 3 additional years

All of our scholarships are renewable for 3 additional years. Renewal request forms, as well as submitting a current college transcript, are to be completed ONLINE and are due on or before March 1st each year. (The link to scholarship application and renewal application are under the “Application” tab of this webpage).