Nonprofit Volunteer Fund

Nonprofit Volunteer Fund

The Nonprofit Volunteer Fund is designed to help local nonprofits with the recruitment, retention and recognition of their volunteers. Through this fund, nonprofits will be eligible to apply for grants from $50-$500 for things like recruiting new volunteers (brochures, flyers, radio and newspaper ads, etc.) or to recognize their volunteers in ways that best suit their organization.

Nonprofit Volunteer Fund Details

The Nonprofit Volunteer Fund will be open year-round and reviewed on a monthly basis. Nonprofits are encouraged to apply for funds that address the following:

  • Current volunteer activities and the ways that volunteers support your organization
  • Ways you would like to show appreciation for the dedication of your current volunteers
  • Strategies to recruit new volunteers into your organization

Final Reporting

Final Reports are necessary to be considered for future funding. Organizations that do not submit a final report will be disqualified for future funding opportunities.


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