Starting a “Class” Scholarship Fund

For so many of us, high school brings back happy memories filled with nights watching our team win in overtime against our rival school, dances spent with our high school sweetheart or just those days spent at our best friend’s house dreaming about where life would take us after high school.

Setting up a “class” fund is a great way to give back to students from your alma mater that will one day look back on their high school years and community with many of the same great memories of years past.

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation can handle the administrative details of your scholarship. Supporting our Scholarship Program can be a rewarding and convenient way to assist students who match your philanthropic interests, such as local students in need, students from a specific background or those pursuing a certain field of study.

Why create a Class Scholarship Fund?

It’s a great way to keep your class in communication throughout the year. Many people contribute to their class funds throughout the year and are invited to our reception to meet the recipient of their scholarship.

It’s fun! There are so many deserving students in Grays Harbor. Receiving a scholarship shows students that our community supports them and believes in their success.

You receive a charitable deduction. We will send each individual that contributes to the fund a donation receipt.

How to create a Class Scholarship Fund

Complete a Fund Agreement.

Make an initial contribution in cash, marketable securities, real estate or through our online donation page. Minimum of $5,000 is required to create a fund.

With expert guidance from the Foundation, determine the scholarship eligibility and selection criteria.

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation Scholarship Committee oversees all applications and selects the recipient based upon the criteria you have selected.

The Scholarship Committee also oversees every scholarship grant to ensure gifts are used the way they were intended.