Agency Endowment Matching Program

Purpose:  Agency Endowment Matching is a way to support nonprofit organizations in building endowments in Grays Harbor County, Washington.  The Agency Endowment funds are opened and held at the Grays Harbor Community Foundation.

  • Nonprofit endowment funds invest in the mission and the future of the organization by providing general operating support, stability during cyclical income variances, and income for areas of high importance to the organization.

Agency Endowments are opened by nonprofit organizations that wish to establish a fund which is kept in perpetuity to provide an ongoing stream of revenue generated by the investment of principal. Agency Endowments can also be established by donors who wish to specify a particular charitable agency or organization to receive proceeds from their fund.

Benefits of an Agency Endowment Fund:

  • Stability and responsibility: Having an endowment with the Grays Harbor Community Foundation signifies to donors that the organization is serious about long-term financial security. The endowment offers a permanent income stream that can be distributed or reinvested, while offering assurance to donors that the principal of the fund will be protected.
  • Prudent investment management: An agency endowment fund enjoys the advantage of being invested in a larger pool of assets at the Foundation, which can lead to greater fund growth and increased income. We add value to agency endowment programs by offering an investment program that smaller nonprofits simply cannot afford to duplicate without substantial invested assets. The Foundation handles all investment management and oversight as well as accounting and financial reporting.
  • Planned giving expertise: Foundation staff is available to work with donors and advisors on planned gifts to the agency endowment fund.
  • Administrative support: We provide all administrative and record-keeping support related to agency endowment funds, including gift acknowledgments, memorial/honor notifications and fund statements. Donors can make gifts to the organization for the endowment, or directly to the Foundation.

Endowment Matching:

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation will match 20% of any new gift to an eligible agency endowment that has agreed to comply with our spending policy. Donations are subject to a maximum of $10,000 in matching funds for each endowed agency fund per calendar year.

The goal of any endowment is for it to grow. After establishing an agency endowment with the Foundation, there are many opportunities to attract new gifts into your fund, generate matching contributions from the Community Foundation, and promote your fund to your donors to attract estate gifts.

Promoting estate gifts to your agency endowment fund in your publications or gift solicitation letters will help remind your donors that they can ensure a future for your agency through a gift to your endowment fund.  Planned giving help is available from the Community Foundation at no cost to the agency.

How to Get Started:

  • Discuss an Agency Endowment Fund with your board to determine how much you would like to invest long-term. The Foundation staff is available to meet with your board or other appropriate volunteers and staff.
  • The Foundation will work with your organization to customize a fund agreement; the organization or donor makes the initial contribution.


  • 501(c)(3) status
  • The organization is based in Grays Harbor County
  • The organization serves residents of Grays Harbor County
  • An Agency Endowment Fund will only serve residents of Grays Harbor County
  • Must have a healthy operating budget with resources in reserve
  • Plan for long-term sustainability


  • An Agency Endowment fund can be established with a minimum gift of $5,000
  • There is an annual administrative fee of 1%
  • There is no fee to establish an agency endowment fund
  • The principal of the endowment remains intact, in perpetuity
  • Must comply with the Foundations annual spending policy

Agency Endowment Matching Program Brochure