Board Committees


The Executive Committee handles normal business and operations of the foundation, and is responsible for the direction and supervision of the Executive Director. They also consider and prepare recommendations for strategic plans for board consideration.


  • Wes Peterson, Chair
  • Kathryn Skolrood, Vice Chair
  • George Donovan, Secretary
  • Mike Stoney, Treasurer and Finance
  • Bill Stewart, Property

  • Rich Vroman, Scholarship
  • Maryann Welch, Early Learning
  • Dr. Donald J. Arima, Grants


This committee manages the overall investment process of the foundation. They are responsible for defining the investment goals of the foundation, setting the asset allocation structure of the foundation’s investment portfolio, creating and implementing the foundation’s investment policies, and monitoring the performance of all professional investment advisors hired by the foundation. They oversee office expenses and review the annual budget prepared by the Executive Director, and prepare it for recommendation to the Executive Committee.

  • Mike Stoney, Chair
  • Wes Peterson
  • Tim Martin
  • Bill Stewart
  • David Burnett
  • Kathyrn Skolrood
  • Mike Sand


The Property Committee of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation is responsible for processing, reviewing, and managing all donations of real property and other gifts of a non-cash or not cash equivalent. This committee was originally formed to explore the possibility of creating a program where donors would be able to donate timberland as an asset to establish a charitable fund of any type, that the Foundation would promise to continuously manage the land, and the proceeds would be used to fund the charitable projects of the fund. That program is in operation, actively managing five pieces of timberland property in excess of 400 acres total.

  • Bill Stewart, Chair
  • Rich Vroman
  • Tom Quigg
  • Wes Peterson


The Grants Committee of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation is responsible for processing and reviewing discretionary grant applications received through our regular grant application process as well as those grant recommendations from the funds of our donors. The committee forms recommendations that must be approved by the full board of directors before payment.

  • Dr. Donald J. Arima, Chair
  • George Donovan
  • Lynn Green
  • Wes Peterson
  • Maryann Welch
  • Mark Stensager
  •  Judith Davis
  •  Ed Brewster


Grays Harbor Community Foundation awards scholarships to local students. The scholarship committee processes and reviews scholarship applications received through the foundation’s regular Scholarship Program. They are responsible for recommending scholarship recipients to the full board of directors, which must then approve the recommendations before funds are distributed to colleges.

  • Rich Vroman, Chair
  • Molly Bold
  • Kathryn Skolrood
  • Nancy Liedtke
  • Christine Peck
  • Tami Garrow
  • Judith Davis
  • Mark Stensager


The Early Learning Committee of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation plans and facilitates foundation funding directed at Early Learning programs targeting children birth to kindergarten age and their families. The goal of investing in Early Learning is to increase preparedness for kindergarten.

  • Maryann Welch, Chair
  • Nancy Liedtke
  • Tom Quigg
  • Molly Bold
  • Ed Brewster
  • Lynn Green