Quarterly Impact Grants Program

To be truly be responsive and meet the needs of our community, GHCF offers a Quarterly Impact Grants Program (formerly Small Grants Program). This program targets organizations looking to make a more immediate impact on a smaller scale. Quarterly Impact Grants will be offered through multiple granting opportunities throughout the year.

Amount: $5,000 and below

Type: Any organization which addresses one or more of our Giving Priorities.

Requirements: Quarterly Impact Grant requests might include smaller scale technology needs, items for shelters or housing programs, food purchases for feeding programs, educational supplies for early learning or schools, small renovation or improvement projects, capacity building, etc. Please check with our Program Officer if you are unsure if your request matches the outline.

Grant Program Details:

  • Quarterly Impact Grants are available to organizations throughout Grays Harbor County
  • Priority goes to organizations that plan to use the funds immediately or within 2 months
  • Organizations awarded a Community Building Grant (CBG) are still eligible for an Impact Grant as long as it is intended for a different project
  • Must be $5,000 or less; if not, apply for Community Building Grant
  • Funds cannot be used for fundraisers, endowments, re-granting programs or scholarships
  • Organizations and school districts are only eligible to apply for one small grant per year. Requests must be approved by school district officials.

Want to read more about how to strengthen your application? Read more here.

Our deadlines for Impact Grant applications are: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st.

Final Reporting

Final Reports are necessary to be considered for future funding. Organizations that do not submit a final report will be disqualified for future funding opportunities.

Capital Projects

  • Bids must be submitted at time of application
  • Site visits are required
  • Submit photos of proposed project


The Foundations Impact Grants program is not a source of ongoing annual funding for your organization. Applicants may receive one Impact Grant award per 12-month period and preference is given to those organizations who have not received Foundation grants in recent years.

Activities Typically Not Eligible

  • One-time activities; with the exception of school field trips
  • Endowment contributions
  • Re-granting programs
  • Deficit Funding
  • Feasibility studies and strategic planning
  • Religious organizations applying for grants must submit a project that benefits the community as a whole

Organizations are only allowed to apply for funds for the same project once per calendar year. If applying for an Impact Grant in addition to a Community Building Grant during a different cycle, funds must be used for a different project.

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