International Mermaid Museum Scholarship Fund

Most of us in Grays Harbor are familiar with Westport Winery and their fantastic food and wine selection, but their newest addition to the winery is the International Mermaid Museum that is dedicated to teaching ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor immersed in mermaid mythology unifying oceanic cultures.
The International Mermaid Museum Scholarship Fund was established for students throughout Grays Harbor currently attending or planning to attend Grays Harbor College and pursuing vocational studies such as welding, carpentry, CDL, electrical, etc.
Preference is given to students planning to pursue a career in the maritime industry and have overcome obstacles and are still working hard towards their dreams.
KIm Roberts, museum founder, who is also co-owner of Westport Winery with her husband Blaine commented on the creation of the scholarship fund: “,From the beginning, the International Mermaid Museum planned to fund a trade scholarship for students who want to live and work in the Harbor. The museum’s mission is to teach ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor, immersed in mermaid mythology, uniting world oceanic cultures. We recognize that a traditional college path is not the best match for all graduates. However, we believe that people with good skills and training can well provide for themselves and their families.
With this in mind, our scholarship is for students who wish to attend Grays Harbor College to earn a certificate in a skilled technology program versus a liberal arts degree. We have a preference for students who are struggling with housing insecurity but that is not a requirement.”
Thank you to Kim for supporting our local students and their educational endeavors.