Annual Education Grants

Annual Education Grants

 The Grays Harbor Community Foundation has committed grant funding to our local school districts and college within Grays Harbor County. Local school districts and college are eligible to apply for Education Grants during the June award cycle. Proposals may include a list of up to three (3) projects/programs, totaling the amount below, which they would like to see funded. Our application deadline is August 1st.


Grant size is dependent on organizational budget size, according to the following table:

<$5 Million Up to $10,000
$5-9 Million Up to $15,000
>$9 Million Up to $20,000

Education Grant Details

The Education Grants program awards funds annually to schools districts and colleges which reside in Grays Harbor County, typical range of $1,000 to $20,000.

One Education Grant cycle occurs annually, with an application deadline of June 1. GHCF looks for proposals that show:

  • the strength of the applicant organization
  • address a school/student need and a program/project that will positively impact school/students need
  • fit within the GHCF’s giving priority of establishing quality education and learning opportunities
  • show the ability to leverage other funding
  • demonstrate the capacity to provide the necessary services using good administrative and financial management


The Education Grants program is not a source of ongoing annual funding for your district or college. Applicants may submit one Education Grant application per 12-month period and preference is given to those districts or college who have not yet received multiple Education Grants in recent years.

 Eligibility Criteria

These grants are designed to support education related items and do not support individuals, school-based clubs, or capital projects. If your district is interested in applying for a capital related project or field trips, please apply during one of our two community building grant offerings.

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