Coastal Harvest Maintenance Fund [Agency Fund]

In 2011, the Executive Director of Coastal Harvest approached the Executive Director of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation with a “new idea.”  He was asking if the Grays Harbor Community Foundation might support a multi-year grant request for funds for a maintenance and equipment fund.

The concept was based upon the practice of many nonprofits, including Coastal Harvest to that point, that do not have a well developed plan for equipment maintenance and replacement.

The Community Foundation believes the Coastal Harvest program is an unduplicated, valuable resource in our county and we would like to support them in their mission.

After consideration, the Grants Committee of the Community foundation felt that this project was a match to the priority “Supporting the infrastructure needs of Food Banks who consistently offer nutritious food and access to clean clothing” under the “Helping Meet the Basic Needs of Residents” heading in our new guiding document “Giving Priorities”.  The funds are kept in the Coastal Harvest Agency Fund at GHCF and will be accessed only for scheduled equipment maintenance or when necessary for equipment replacement.