L. George Pauze Scholarship

The L. George Pauze Scholarship is new to the Community Foundation, but has been in existence since the 1970s.  In January of 1970, Pauze announced the L. George Pauze Scholarship for a graduate of Hoquiam High School he had established with the help of his friends and attorneys, Omar Parker and George G. Wandel.  Mr. Pauze came from Montreal to Grays Harbor in 1907. After years of hard work and ingenuity, he was able to maneuver himself into the ownership of a thriving lumber mill.  George said: “You know, I didn’t have a chance to go to college, and I always missed it…I might have done even better if I’d had the opportunity to go. Actually, education is much more important now than in my day.”  The law firm of Parker, Johnson, Parker (now Parker, Winkelman) has administered the Trust established that day, awarding at least one scholarship each year. The Gray Harbor Community Foundation is proud to now administer the scholarship to continue this tradition in perpetuity, and honor this “true gentleman.”