Julie Daniels Art Memorial Scholarship

“Mom always said, anyone can do it- you just have to try.” Mike Daniels, son of Julie said when recalling his mom’s encouragement of others to pursue their passions, especially when it came to art. Mike spoke of his mom in a way that you couldn’t help but admire her too as he recounted memories of her life and the impact she had on so many. “In the 60’s she worked with a group of community leaders who built a fence in downtown Montesano between where the Bank of The Pacific and the flower shop are currently. She had high school students paint murals and showcase their art for the entire community to see. She was so excited to see the student’s talents showcased in such a public way.”

Julie Daniels was born in 1927 and raised in Aberdeen. She had a lifelong passion for art and began studying it at an early age. There are still sketches and pastels from her early teens that her family has held on to. She took lessons at Grays Harbor College in 1945 and continued to attend classes, workshops and had memberships in numerous galleries, art leagues and shows including the annual Art Gala at Grays Harbor College Library into her 90’s.

Julie will now continue to encourage others, even after her passing, with a scholarship fund at the Grays Harbor Community Foundation for local students pursuing an Art Degree. Her belief that ‘anybody can do it’ will now continue to inspire generations of local artists that have the same passion and love of art that Julie had throughout her life.