David McKay Memorial Scholarship

David McKay was an English teacher at Aberdeen High school. He taught with passion and enthusiasm. He had the ability to inspire and motivate his students to dream big and take chances.

He was known for his community service projects, student written publications, playing the guitar in class, and dramatic Shakespeare readings. Some publications his classes produced were: Lutefisk for the Bobcat Soul, Lutefisk for the Bobcat Soul: Your Mama’s Edition, Lutefisk for the Bobcat Soul: Who’s Your Daddy Edition, The Book of Wisdom, and The Thanksgiving Day Football Games: Aberdeen vs. Hoquiam. David was also on the team that brought the KAHS 106.9 radio station to Aberdeen High School. Nominated by his peers, David was awarded Washington State Teacher of the Year in 2002.

He was the kind of person who wanted to leave the world better than he found it, and he did just that. From an early age, he taught his daughters Molly and Katy the value of giving back to the community whether it was getting involved in food drives, clothing drives, or local fundraisers. In his honor and in memory of his passing,