Collaboration Grant

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation (GHCF) is planning to award a $25,000 grant to support a collaboration between two or more nonprofits that have made the joint decision to implement a strategic partnership on a project or program that will move forward shared interests. We support collaborations in all forms, ranging from joint programming to administrative consolidations (sharing office space and/or services) to mergers and acquisitions.

Our goal with the Collaboration Grant is to support efforts to build resources and knowledge about collaboration as a strategic capacity-building tool for Grays Harbor County nonprofits. Depending on the effectiveness of the project/program, this could be part of a three-year commitment from the Foundation, totaling $75,000.  GHCF is particularly interested in supporting organizations that 1) are aligned with the foundation’s mission, 2) use data and measurements to demonstrate quantifiable results, 3) operate efficiently and 4) are financially sound. 

The application will be available online August 1, 2019 and is due on September 30, 2019. All organizations participating in the Collaboration Grant are still eligible to apply for other granting opportunities offered by the Foundation throughout the year.

Grant Guidelines

One organization will act as the lead agency and will need submit all required documents. You will be able to start, save, upload attachments, and return to an application at any time prior to your final submission. We will only accept complete electronic submissions with all necessary documentation requested. All organizations that are part of the collaboration process must be a nonprofit organization.

Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible for consideration:

  • Applicant(s) are a Grays Harbor county 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS and have been in operation for at least three (3) consecutive years
  • Organization must be healthy and stable and must not be experiencing any overwhelming threats to survival (e.g. major financial crisis, major leadership turnover or significant under-staffing)
  • Grant must be used for projects located in or serving populations of Grays Harbor County.
  • Grant must be used for charitable purpose.
  • Organization must specify results that can be measured.  Although process measurements are important, measurable outcomes directly related to the foundation’s focus areas and its mission are strongly encouraged
  • Organization must demonstrate ways in which it is leveraging public and private resources, diversifying its funding sources, and planning for sustainability.

Key Criteria

  • Offer game-changing and feasible ideas that positively impact the quality of life in the Grays Harbor
  • Use collaboration and unique thinking processes
  • Have the potential to seed, leverage and/or expand funding
  • Have clearly stated data and outcomes for both the planning and implementation processes

Who is NOT Eligible? 

  • Fiscally sponsored programs
  • Nonprofit organizations with budgets less than $10,000 and/or do not file an IRS Form 990
  • Private and public schools, private and public universities
  • Churches
  • Foundations
  • Political organizations
  • Membership organizations, associations and civic groups

Grant Report

A detailed Final Grant Report will be due after 9 months after funds have been submitted. Based on the Grant report and its effectiveness, additional funding will be determined at that point.

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