Another Donor [Donor Advised Fund]

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation had, for many years, a Board member who was very supportive of our activities and programs through a private family foundation he controlled. When he passed away, he left control of this family foundation to his step-daughter, who had never lived in Grays Harbor. Her only connection to the Harbor was her step-father.

As trustee for the foundation, she is required by law to make distributions of a percentage of the foundations assets each year. She determined to support her step-fathers intentions, and continues to employ the Community Foundation to provide information and data to help her make those annual distributions.

Each year she contacts the Community Foundation staff with a couple of issues or activities she would like to know more about, the staff investigates Grays Harbor nonprofits or projects, and provides her the requested information. She then sends a donation to the Grays Harbor Community Foundation with instructions on how to distribute those funds.