Rhapsody Community Workshops

Recently, the Grays Harbor Community Foundation funded The Rhapsody Program, which is designed to increase awareness and appreciation of early American music, using classic songs as a lens for participants to explore shared musical heritage and history. The main objective is to encourage and stimulate informal music making as a free and easy form of self expression. The Rhapsody program is special because the powerful songs being taught ultimately create many benefits beyond their obvious artistic and cultural significance. The literary, historical and social dimensions of the music are easily accented, meaning that music can be explored with an English class as it relates to poetic ballads and storytelling, or with a social studies class with more focus on the lives and condition of the people who first recorded the music.
Community Arts Create strives to build community through self-discovery and shared experience. The work to enhance a richer way of life by creating harmony through creative expression within the Pacific Northwest’s culture.
Rhapsody will be in Grays Harbor May 5th through 9th, conducting workshops at schools, and also hosting a concert on the evening of the 8th.

Rhapsody Community Workshop