Grays Harbor Community Foundation Launches Small Grants Program

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation (GHCF) operates a highly impactful Community Building Grants program twice annually. These opportunities are targeted towards organizations looking to address larger scale projects in our community. However, to truly be responsive and meet the needs of our community, the GHCF has implemented a Small Grants Program. This program targets organizations looking to make a more immediate impact on a smaller scale. Small Grants will be offered through quarterly granting opportunities throughout the year.

All Grays Harbor area nonprofits and school districts that fit within our Giving Priorities are eligible to apply for a small grant. Grants are available for requests of $5,000 and below.  Small Grant requests might include small scale technology needs, items for shelters or housing programs, food purchases for feeding programs, educational supplies for early learning or schools, small renovation or improvement projects, capacity building, etc. Organizations that are awarded small grants are still eligible to apply for our twice annual Community Building Grants program.

Program Officer, Jessica Hoover, commented: “We decided to implement a Small Grants Program to be more responsive to immediate community needs. When we restructured our Community Building Grants Program at the beginning of the year, we did so in order to support larger-scale, big impact projects. We recognize there are also several organizations that could benefit from our Small Grants Program and we want to be accessible to all nonprofits that are making a difference in our community.”

You may find out more about our grants program by checking the Foundation website at or contacting our office at 532-1600 or by e-mail at Our next quarterly Small Grants deadline is July 3rd at 5PM and the next Community Building Grants deadline is September 1st at 5PM.