Grays Harbor Community Foundation Awards $17,900 through Small Grants Program

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is pleased to invest $17,900 into our community through our Small Grants Program. The Foundation created this program in order to address immediate, smaller scale needs in our community that range between $500 – $5,000. The Small Grants program is in addition to our twice annual Community Building Grants Program. Six organizations were funded this quarter.

The organizations that were funded through our Small Grants Program this quarter include:

Aberdeen Parks and Rec – Summer Park and Play
Habitat for Humanity – Tools for Critical Home Repair
Lifeline Connections – Sound Attenuation Project
Ocosta PTO – Missoula Children’s Theater/Science on Wheels-Pacific Science Center
Wishkah School District – Wishkah Band Instrument Drive
YMCA of Grays Harbor – Teen Center

Eric Potts, Executive Director, commented: “Our Small Grants Program has been one of our most successful programs we have implemented in recent years. Not only does it offer organizations immediate assistance, but often times it is what helps organizations get over the finish line to complete a project. We recognize the great work being done by nonprofits and schools in Grays Harbor and our main goal when we started this program was to help organizations that need funding accomplish their goals now. In turn, this helps the people and youth in our community get access to these great programs without a delay and we are proud of that.”

Our Small Grants Program is quarterly. Visit our website for more information on the eligibility criteria for our Small Grants Program. The next deadline is July 2nd at 5PM. Our next Community Building Grants deadline is September 5th at 5PM.