GHCF announces Donor Advised Fund Distributions

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation had, for many years, a Board member who was very supportive of our activities and programs through a private family foundation he controlled. When Dr. Scott Weatherwax passed away, he left control of this family foundation to his stepdaughter, Paige Hounsley, who has never lived in Grays Harbor, and now lives in southern California. Her only connection to the Harbor was her stepfather.

As trustee for the family foundation, Mrs. Hounsley is required by law to make distributions of a percentage of the foundations assets each year. While not required to support Grays Harbor, she is determined to continue her stepfather’s intentions, and continues to employ the Community Foundation to provide information and data to help her make those annual distributions.

Each year, she contacts the Community Foundation staff with a couple of issues or activities she would like to know more about, then the staff researches Grays Harbor nonprofits and projects to provide her the requested information. She then sends a donation to the Grays Harbor Community Foundation with a distribution request including instructions on how to distribute those funds. She also provides significant support for scholarships in Grays Harbor through the Community Foundation, the Abel-Weatherwax Memorial Scholarships.

This year, several local nonprofits have benefited from the unrestricted gifts and the generosity of this donor. Those organizations are Grays Harbor Young Life, Keystone Learning Center, Beyond Survival, the Lyle P. Smith Fund at Coastal Community Action Program, Grays Harbor Court Appointed Special Advocates, the Dislocated Workers fund at WorkSource of Grays Harbor, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor, the Arc of Grays Harbor, and the Domestic Violence Center.

“It is a pleasure to provide information to this donor, so that she is able to continue her good work in Grays Harbor;” says Executive Director, Jim Daly. “It is a wonderful experience to provide these surprise checks to organizations and people with a passion for the work they are doing.”